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How to Work with Spiritual Candles

Simple Guidelines For Candle Burning

by Deja Allison

1. The color of the candle is the frequency you will amplify and release.

2. The color of candle you choose is determined by what is needed.

3. Candles should be 'dressed' and cleansed before each use. This rids the candle of any accumulated negativity. I recommend rubbing them with an all cotton, white color, flannel fabric. Rub them in one direction with Florida water or rubbing alcohol, as not to build any static charge that could affect the energy flow. After you cleanse them hold the candle and state a simple affirmation over them as a 'blessing' of the candle.

4. Never mix use candles. i.e.: If a candle as been used for healing never use it for anything else. This remains true for all uses. Do mix use will conflict the energy and weaken or disrupt the clear frequency.

5. This is THE GOLDEN RULE of candle burning. Never use candle burning to inflict pain, discomfort or to manipulate another person's Free Will. To do so will create some very negative karma for the one who does it. In candle burning one produces ten---which means whatever you put out to someone else comes back 10 times on you. As an added note of information for those who may not be familiar with.

The Law of Manipulation: One should not pray, excite or execute any motion of thought or action directly 'to' or 'for' another without their explicit acceptance. Nor should one do absent healing or any for of energy implementation toward another without their avowal. It is allowed and not a Free Will breach to generally pray, excite or excite energy implementation for or toward another. i.e.: 'I pray for the uplifting of all souls.' 'May those who are in need find assistance and safety.' These examples DO NOT breach the laws governing Manipulation.

6. Never use the breath to extinguish a candle flame. To do so affects the frequency of the ending part of the candle burning session. The breath is an energy affecting force and is use in other forms of healing. The two creative forces of 'breath' and 'flame' can conflict the creative forces and desired effects instead use a metal cup or flame snuffer made for this purpose.