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About Kabir Deepak

Meet Kabir Deepak

Owner of Mystic of East ( San Diego and Newport Beach)

Hi, I am Kabir and I have been doing astrological and tarot counseling since my teenage years. I have over 20 years of experience.

Kabir Deepak owner of Mystic of East, San Diego and Newport Beach

I have double Masters degree in Anthropology and Genetics, I have worked in IT for over 15 years. My passion is- Spiritual guidance and healing using Tarot, vedic astrology, palm reading, aura reading, aura cleansing, candle magick and spiritual cleansing.

I prepare candles that are spiritually charged, energized and dressed for your specific needs. I anoint candles with specially crafted oils, handpicked and dried herbs and spiritual prayers and spells.

What sets me apart from other readers is-
1. I read aura, give numerology readings, tarot readings for all sessions.
2. My passion for providing spiritual guidance.
3. I ensure that my clients to walk out with clarifications, solutions to problems and a smile.
4. I respect client confidentiality and provide a safe and comforting environment for energy healing.
5. My dedication and devotion to spiritual counseling is unparalleled.
6. My remedies are known for their effectiveness with proven results.

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Also check my website: www.mysticofeast.com

I provide psychic readings in English, Hindi and Urdu. I provide result oriented remedies and solutions to your problems regarding-
1. Love, Relationship and marriage
2. Job, career,business
3. Breakup and divorce concerns,
4. Legal troubles,and court case delays
5. Evil eye protection and black magic protection and removal,
6. Business advise
7. Energy cleansing, spiritual healing and Spiritual counseling.
8. Group readings for parties
9. Horoscope/ Natal chart compatibility matching using astrology.
10. Energy healing and chakra balancing.

I also perform rituals and havans for removing blockages, nullifying black magic effects and harmonizing your living and work space with chants and rituals.
I provide psychic readings, aura readings, accurate palm readings and aura healing as well.
I also specialize in Pet Astrology as well.
I provide online, email, phone, google hangout, Skype, in person and face-time readings as well. I also provide group readings for a party. Ask me how. Please make an appointment in advance.