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Don't Lose Interest In Me Candle

Don't Lose Interest In Me Candle

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No matter how it happens, one or both of you are left feeling pretty crappy when you call it quits. But one of the hardest ways a relationship or dating situation can end is not with a huge blowout or a lot of tears, it's when your partner doesn't really have an explanation, when they just sort of... lose interest in the relationship.

Sometimes it's not your fault — sometimes it's just how time passes or how people change. Sometimes it may be down to something you do, distancing yourself, or hurting the other person, which leads them to zone out of the relationship. But unless they give you a reason why, the important thing is to not be too rash if your partner loses interest. This can be as simple as igniting passion, confidence, trust, and maintaining compassion with each other.

This specially anointed 7 day candle allows for you and your partner to keep things interesting between the both of you so that there is no fear or lack of confidence within each other. I specially prepare and customize this candle with spiritual prayers, positive intentions, oils & herbs to allow for this spell to work. Candles are best done in sets and allow for the universe to manifest the intention if done on a regular basis.