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Healthy Pet Candle

Healthy Pet Candle

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A healthy pet is a happy pet; a happy pet means a happy owner! Pets are not just animals, they become part of our live and our families. However, we must acknowledge that there is a communication barrier between us and our animal— how are we supposed to know what they are thinking/feeling if we can't communicate? This candle works on your pets aura, spirit, energy and works on a spiritual level to balance the chakras (yes, all animals have energy centers) of your animal.

I prepare candles customized for my clients to reverse the negativity or alter the energy around them. The candles are anointed with oils, herbs, special prayers and spells along with spiritual energy.

You can buy prepared candles that are specially prepared for you or you can buy unprepared candles from me. Candles work best when burnt in sets of 3, 7 or 11 and are intention-based candles. Faith is the most important part of lighting these candles as the energy must remain continuous to work.