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Zodiac Candle - Scorpio

Zodiac Candle - Scorpio

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Now you can pay tribute to your astrological sign by burning this magical, herbs infused, delightfully scented Zodiac candle.  Amplify your zodiac attributes or bring in attributes of other signs by burning any of these magical candles.

Scorpio: Capture your prey with your mysterious allure. Scorpios are passionate, emotional and mysterious. As the Scorpion, they are unassuming but can be deadly when necessary. Scorpios are Water signs, so they are intuitively emotional, and sensitive to the feelings of others nearby. Secretive and alluring, Scorpios are seductive, romantic and sexual. Scorpios are intense and powerful and must be handled with care.

The candle will be anointed with special oils, herbs and prayers.